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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is indoor tanning safe?  There are several health benfits to tanning improved appearance, enhanced mood, increased Vitamin D levels and can improve your energy levels

  2. How often should I tan? Tan 2-5 days a week every other day until you reach your preffered color

  3. How long should I tan for? 4-8 minutes to start depending on skin type, different per bed reccomend ½ of start time when first tanning

  4. Do I need to wear protective eyewear when tanning? Always wear protective eyewear!

  5. Can I tan if I am pregnant or nursing? It is not recommended to tan while pregnant

  6. What should I wear when tanning? You can wear as much clothing or as little as you like

  7. How can I prolong my tan? Wait at least 4 hours before taking a shower, exfoliate before your tan and moisturize using a tan extender.

  8. How do I prepare for my tanning session? You need to shower and exfoliate your skin and apply a tan accelerator

  9. When are you open? 5-6 days a week hours vary per season.

  10. Should I use a tanning lotion? Yes! Lotion increases your results by 60%

  11. What is the cost per tan? Costs range from 6 through 20 dollars per tan depending on bed 

  12. Is there a cancellation policy? Yes when you have an appointment and you no call no show you will lose a tan and still be charged

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